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CK-938 / 938A, CK-939 / 939A


CK-939 / CK-939A Fibre Diagnostic Otoscope

New patented switch
Newly designed body features streamlines fiber optic design, eliminating blockage caused by ordinary light bulbs. Other features include patented in * off switch for increased durability, as well as convenient pocket clip. Includes attachments in two sizes(child / adult), as well as two “AAA”batteries.
A(Classic Black) I(Enamel Red) C(Elegant Silver) D(Glamour Gold)
F(Blush) G(Plumage Blue) H(Clarity Blue) K(Goldmine Gold) In selection of 8 color(for CK-939only)

CK-939 / CK-939A  Fibre Diagnostic Otoscope